Sunday, October 10, 2010

Today's plum district deal - Vessel Decor (Internet Deal)!!

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Today's plum district daily deal is a website deal, which means everyone can take advantage of it.  Today's deal is $25 for $50 worth of candle luminaries from Vessel Decor--a 50% savings.  Here's the scoop:
Adding candlelight is an easy way to change the look of your home decor, add a unique mood to special events, or decorate for the holidays. 
Vessel Décor candle luminaries are hollow, fragrance-free candles made from a strengthened wax mixture that emits a warm, soft glow when used with a fuel cell or battery-operated light. Because they have no wick, when you light them from within with battery-operated lamps (you can also use traditional votives or self-contained fuel-oil cells) they don't pose a fire hazard, so they're safe to have in high-traffic areas or around children. 
Vessel Décor makes them in 30 colors and 70 sizes--including wide rectangles, squares, and cylinders of different diameters--giving you a mind-boggling number of creative options for adding the beauty of candlelight to any room or party! You can even use candle luminaries as a vase for flowers (wrap the inside first), lighting them from underneath for a truly unique floral arrangement.
Add some pizazz to your holiday centerpiece, light your walkway for Halloween, or simply infuse your home with warm, soft light...these candle luminaries make it all possible without the mess or open flame.

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