Sunday, October 10, 2010

Today's Living Social Deal - Atlanta Medical Institute

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Well, here's a "different" daily deal - it's $75 for a physical, blood test, medical & nutritional consultation, lipo or B12 injection, and 30 days of prescription drugs from the Atlanta Medical Institute.....not much more I can say about this deal.  You'll have to check it out on your own, if interested.  Here are the details:
Wish those pounds would fall off faster than autumn leaves? The war on weight has only just begun and the Atlanta Medical Institute wants YOU! For just $75, you'll enlist in an intense one-month boot camp for your bod. Score a doctor's visit for 79% off the regular price and work with these weight-loss wunderkinds to find your ideal size. You'll get a physical exam, blood test, medical and nutritional consultation, as well as a customized meal plan with recipe ideas and shopping tips, weekly weigh-ins, 30 days of Rx medication, and one lipo or B12 injection. The bulge may have won the battle, but with some healthy help, you will win this war.

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