Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today's Mamapedia Daily Deal - Children's Art Cafe

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Wow, anyone local ever heard of this place?  Not sure if I'm a little SHOCKED or CURIOUS.  Today's Mamapedia Daily Sweet Deal for ATL is $15 for Dabadoodle Edible Paint for Kidz kit (a $30 value).  Curious?  Here is what they say:
It’s a toss-up as to what’s more exciting to a pre-schooler: baking a batch of chocolate-chip cookies or creating their latest masterpiece with some modeling clay or finger paint. Put the two together, and you’ve got a recipe for some downright delicious fun.
Art and cooking are two of the biggest sources of joy and creativity for kids, and the concept of combining them was what spawned the Children’s Art CafĂ©. At this imaginative studio/kitchen, students are encouraged to cook up tasty chef-d’oeuvres with edible paints or paint powder. By the end of the session, they’ll have a work of art that looks good enough to eat (because it is!).
With today’s Sweet Deal (and we do mean sweet), you’ll get $30 worth of Dabadoodle Edible Paint for just $15. Just as fun to use as it is to say, Dabadoodle is the world’s first completely edible paint. It’s available in a medley of yummy flavors, from fruits to cotton candy, and vibrant colors.
Voucher includes 5 tubes of Dabadoodle Edible Paint for Kidz and 5 tubes of Edible Paint Powder, as well as a paint brush and Chef style Hat.
 Remember, 5% of your purchase to the school or preschool of your choice when you buy this deal.  Visit Mamapedia to purchase this deal.
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