Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flattenme Personalized Storybooks!!

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Today's plum district everywhere deal is $19 for $40 worth of personalized storybooks and more from Flattenme!
A picture-perfect tale: your child as the star of a personalized, hardcover storybook from Flattenme.com. It's sure to quickly become a reading favorite. Be ready to hear the plea of, "Read it again, Mommy!".
Flattenme makes books that are utterly sweet and stories that are totally memorable by using creativity, imagination, and a photo of your child. Books are available for all ages, in English and other languages. There's nothing like seeing your child's name and face woven throughout almost every page of a hardcover storybook. Of course, Flattenme features more than books: you can also purchase personalized printed cards and interesting dress-up costume pieces for more fun. 
With Flattenme, you'll fall in love at first read.

To get more info or to purchase this item, you can visit the plum district website!  (If it doesn't show up on the landing page, scroll down.  It will be under the main offering.)

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