Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Healthy Tan - $25 for $55

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Today's plum district ATL deal is $25 for a mobile spray tan session from Healthy Tan - a $55 value!
Fall in love with your tan looks with the folks at Healthy Tan. Get or maintain your glow in the privacy of your own home where there will not be any mess or fuss to worry about. Or head to the Healthy Tan studios throughout the greater Atlanta area. Either way, Healthy Tan is able to schedule based on your busy work and life routine.
Healthy Tan provides top-notch service, and amenities that make the tanning experience a wonderful one: lush towels, barrier cream, preparation spray, disposable undergarments, and beyond.
No matter what your shape or size may be, the thought of disrobing may make you pause (if only for a second!). Healthy Tan staff is trustworthy and discreet, and will help you turn that momentary discomfort into a relaxed and comfortable smile.
Time to enjoy your healthy tan.

To purchase this deal, visit the plum district website.

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