Saturday, December 18, 2010

Barnes & Noble - 30% Off Any Kids Book, Toy, or Game

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Visit the Barnes & Noble website to print out this coupon good for 30% off any kids' book, toy, or game.

This might come in hand for a nice little stocking stuffer!  My kids can pick anything out of this store.  It always amazes me what they find in there.

*Thanks Common Sense with Money! Ticker


  1. I got this same coupon after signing up for the Kid's Club for my daughter. The card it self comes with a slight problem where it doesn't want to work with any other B&N card, membership, teacher discount, etc. Though like I told the cashier, signing up was just worth the coupon even if I can't use it.

  2. *Sorry meant "even if I can't use the card", the coupon worked out great.