Saturday, February 12, 2011

Facebook Tip- Grab YOUR Newsfeed Back!

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I've had several people comment to me lately that they aren't receiving my blog updates via their facebook page.  So when I saw this post on Freebies4Mom, I knew I had to post for all my readers as well.

One reason you may not be receiving my updates (along with any other friends or fan pages you may follow) is that facebook changed the way your news feed works.  This isn't a recent change, but it is one that a lot of you may not know about.

Right now, most of you are only receiving news feed items from friends and fan groups that you interact the most with.  You're not receiving all of them!  Did you know that?

Here's how you can double-check your settings and make sure you are receiving everything you should be!
  1. Go to your facebook HOME page.  (Click on Home at the top of your facebook page.)
  2. Now click on Most Recent and a drop-down menu should appear.
  3. Scroll down and click on Edit Options.
  4. Click on that pull-down menu and make sure that All of your friends and pages is checked.
  5. Click on Save to keep this setting.
That's it.  It's just that easy.

Truth be told, you may not have even realized you were missing items!  So a BIG, "Welcome Back!" to everyone I've been missing lately!  Glad to see you again!

*Thanks to Freebis4Mom for alerting us to this new "service" from facebook! Ticker

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