Thursday, February 3, 2011

Groupon - ATL - SS Airsoft - Two Options!!!

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This is an awesome daily deal, and I will be showing it to my 11-year old later on today.  He is a big airsoft fan and mostly plays it here around the house with the neighbors.  But, I love the fact that I might be able to take him somewhere to play it for "real!"

Today's Groupon ATL deal is from SS Airsoft - admission and equipment rental.  There are two different options, so make sure you read everything closely before you purchase:
Airsoft is like a production of Hamlet: it's exciting, demanding, and by the end everyone has pretend-died. Take airsoft arms against a sea of troubles with today's deal at SS Airsoft in Sugar Hill. You choose between two all-day, close-quarters airsoft battling options:
  • For $29, you get an all-day admission plus mask and weapon rental and 1000 BBs (a $60 value).
  • For $10, you get an all-day admission (a $20 value).
First-time pelleteers and seasoned pseudo-snipers infiltrate SS Airsoft's 14,000-square-foot battlefield for a day of real-life first-person shooter games. An enthusiastic staff galvanizes troops with pregame military chants inside an authentic, war-worn operations tent before setting them loose on an obstacle-strewn battlefield. The elaborately designed indoor-battle arena features an abandoned jeep, toxic-waste barrels, and broken-down shelters and walls behind which troops can take cover from hurtling planetoids. Each armor-peppering skirmish hinges on different objectives, such as capture the flag and prisoner of war, and battles are enhanced with atmospheric fog, lighting effects, and ill-timed hugs from teammates. A trio of knowledgeable, safety-focused referees monitors each close-quarters battle, which usually lasts 8–15 minutes.

Such a great deal if you are into Airsoft.  To check it out, visit the Groupon ATL website today. Ticker

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