Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today is THE Day - Disney Social Media Moms Conference Begins!

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I realize that the above logo says, "I went," but the time I get back to talking to you again, that will be the truth!

Today, my family leaves for our (okay, my) happy place - Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Florida!  I was very blessed to have been chosen to attend the 2nd annual Walt Disney Resort Social Media Moms Conference at Disney's Grand Florida Resort.

Three days of fun at Walt Disney World coupled with a conference that aims to teach us more about the world of social media.  (...and because I'm such a newbie at this, I am really looking forward to learning more!)

I'm even more excited that this year the conference is being held at Disney's flagship resort - the Grand Floridian.  My family could never afford to stay there on their own, so it is a great privilege to be able to stay there for a brief, few nights.  I am also looking forward (as my countdown ticker says below) to meet up with glorious old friends again.  Girls, I have the honor of knowing for what feels like years now and whom I have met for the most part all through social media!

This blog will go dark for about a week, and I hope that you will be able to forgive me for "leaving" you all, but I do it for the greater good of all of us!  ;)

I will return with more daily and internet deals when I return.  It's been a rough few months around here.  Time is always very short, and I've had a hard time keeping up the posts. I have future plans for this blog, and I hope they serve to better and advance it for both you and me!!

Until next week, Ticker

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