Friday, April 15, 2011

Plum District Daily On-Line Deal - Let's Go Green - Green Home and Office Products!

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Want a great deal on green home and office products?  Well, visit the Plum District website today to get $25 worth of products for only $10!
Earth Day is around the corner. What better time to think about your impact on the environment? gives you easy and convenient ways to make your home greener.
In their easy-to-shop online store, you'll find hundreds of eco-friendly products, from recycled-paper goods, CFL light bulbs, and green cleaners to products you might not have realized could be made greener, like compostable and biodegradable trash bags, compostable utensils and food containers, BPA-free water bottles, and energy-saving power strips. They even have eco-friendly pet products. And many of the things you find here aren't just better for the Earth, but better for your family's health, too.
Going green doesn't have to be a massive, expensive undertaking. Start celebrating Earth Day early — and keep it up easily, every day — with

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  1. yes its every ones duty to contribute something or the other. Lets go green!!