Monday, April 25, 2011

Plum District - Juice Box Heroes - Two CD Set - $12!

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Today's plum district deal is from Juice Box Heroes:
Being a parent, you face a paradox: finding music that's appropriate for your kids but that's not so vapid it makes you want to rip your hair out. Well, you and your follicles can now rest easy.
Veteran rockers Juice Box Heroes achieve what many musicians aspire to but few do well: making music both you and your kids will love. If you loved the 80s (Who didn't? We're still trying to rinse out the hairspray.), you'll appreciate that Juice Box Heroes bases much of their instrumentation on their two albums, No Sugar Added and Loose Tooth, on 80s classics. For instance, Madonna's Material Girl is now "Cheerio World" and George Michael's Faith is now "Cake." They've layered on new, kid-accessible lyrics, so your little Princes and Bangles will be rockin' along with you.
Next step: teaching your kids to make devil horns while they rock next to you!
Sounds like a lot of fun!  Check out the plum district website for more information or to purchase for your child! Ticker

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