Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Going to No Posts for a While - Disney's Big Scavenger Hunt and Destination D Time!

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I am so-so-SO excited!  Tomorrow, after work, I am heading down with some girlfriends to a HUGE Disney extravaganza!

D23, The Official Disney Fan Club, is going to be hosting a Scavenger Hunt and Destination D this week and weekend at Walt Disney World.

Last year, they did this at Disneyland, and it was such a bummer to have it so far away.  This year, they are doing it all over again, but in Orlando!  I am so lucky to be traveling with two local Disney girlfriends and meeting up with another once I arrive in Orlando.  I am also blessed to have a family that allows me to travel with my girlfriends and do fun things together.

The two-day, four-Park Scavenger Hunt sounds like a lot of fun, but I also can't wait to see all the rich history Disney rolls out for us at Destination D on Saturday and Sunday!

I know I'll miss posting the deals for all of you, but I will be back and posting again on Tuesday!  Have a wonderful week and weekend everyone!!!

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