Monday, May 2, 2011

plum district - ATL - LNY Salon - 58% Discount!

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Today's plum district deal is from LNY Salon:
Do you trust your stylist?
Every time you go to the salon, you are literally putting your appearance into another person’s hands. At LNY Salon, Master Stylist Lawrence Yates applies his decades of style expertise, leaving you with a perfect coif that simply screams “fabulous.” Whether you’re a bob ’n’ bangs babe, a bona fide curly-girl, or simply a slave to the coiffure trends, you’ll walk out of LNY Salon feeling like a million bucks.
Huh. And yet you'll only have spent $25. Imagine that!

Wanna try it out?  Visit the plum district website to purchase.  Enjoy! Ticker

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