Thursday, June 30, 2011

Housewares Deals - Kamenstein - Acacia 16-Jar Wood Spice Rack WITH Salt & Peppercorn Jars!

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Awesome deal again....Housewares Deals is offering this Acacia 16-Jar Wood Spice Rack with salt and peppercorn jars:
This Acacia 16 Jar Wood Spice Rack with Salt and Peppercorn Jars is the ultimate solution for spicing up every dish. Kamenstein Gourmet Sea Salt provides a coarse texture, yet can still be ground to a finer grain. Kamenstein Gourmet Peppercorns offer a deep, bold flavor, and are great for flavoring soups and braising meats. Includes 20 ounce sea salt, 10 ounce gourmet peppercorns, and 16 jar wood spice rack. The space saving 16 jar spice rack comes filled with premium spices packaged in the USA, and includes free spice refills for 5 years; you pay only shipping and handling per order (Shipping for first 4 replacement bags of spices $4.40, 5-10 bags $9.25, 11-15 bags $12.00, 16-19 bags $14.00). Spices are packed due to availability at the time of packing.

To see this deal or to purchase, visit the Housewares Deals website.  *The great thing about this deal is that you get "free" spice refills for FIVE YEARS!

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