Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sinatra HITS The Fox Theatre in ATL Big Time!

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If you like Big Band music, the Rat Pack, or Frank Sinatra, I have great news for you.  The Broadway musical, "Come Fly Away," has come to The Fox Theatre here in Atlanta for a short, limited engagement.

Theater of the Stars presents this new Broadway musical, which was conceived, choreographed, and directed by Tony Award-winner Twyla Tharp and by special arrangement with the Frank Sinatra Family and Frank Sinatra Enterprises.

COME FLY AWAY follows four couples as they fall in and out of love during one song-and-dance-filled evening at a crowded nightclub.  Blending the legendary vocals of Frank Sinatra with a live on-stage big band and 14 of the world’s finest dancers, COME FLY AWAY weaves an unparalleled hit parade of classics, including “Fly Me To The Moon,” “My Way,” and “That’s Life,” into a soaring musical fantasy of romance and seduction. 

I was lucky enough to be invited by the Fox Theatre and Theater of the Stars last night to see this play, and to be very honest, even though I love Frank Sinatra's music, I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy sitting through an entire evening of it.

However, I am here to tell you--the show was GREAT!  It was almost like having your own special viewing of ABC's Dancing with the Stars show. 

Each dance number was choreographed perfectly to the song it accompanied.  The 14 dancers picked for this show were amazing.  Just when you thought one might be your favorite, another one did something equally spectacular.

One word of caution to insert here though--Frank's music is from a much more conservative time period; however, there are parts of this show that are a bit risque, and I would not recommend taking younger children to see it because of these scenes.

The scenes were comedic at some points and done "tastefully" through dance, but they still deal with sexual innuendos and clothes become scarce!  I don't think it's something you would want small children to see!

(I wasn't expecting these dance numbers in this show, but I have to tell you, there ended up being a lot of cat calls and whistles when they were over!)

If you like big band music or the legacy of Frank Sinatra, I would recommend this show.  (The music is all original Frank, and the stage is set in an early 1900 nightclub.)  The show is only 80 minutes long (with no intermission), and makes for a nice evening out.  The dancers are truly some of the very best I have seen, and the story line is good.

Here are a few reviews from around the country:
Charles Isherwood of The New York Times calls COME FLY AWAY, “SPECTACULAR and DAZZLING!  This is a MAJOR new work, with a stage full of BRILLIANT performers.  Twyla Tharp’s ELECTRIFYING celebration of the music of Frank Sinatra will sweep you up in a complete spell.”
Linda Winer of Newsday calls the show “A DANGEROUSLY GORGEOUS DANCE ADVENTURE,” while Michael Kuchwara of the Associated Press calls the show “ASTONISHING -- A love letter to romance, not to mention the man and his music, with eight MARVELOUS leads and an orchestra of STERLING musicians.”
Richard Zoglin of Time Magazine states simply, “COME FLY AWAY delivers the PUREST JOLT OF PLEASURE to be found on a Broadway stage.”
Come Fly Away will play in Atlanta from August 2nd  through August 7nd.  Tickets, which range from $30 to $80, are available at Ticker Ticker

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