Friday, December 9, 2011

The Story Tour - A Christmas Spectacular!

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Well...I am a little bit speechless at the moment...

I have just arrived home from an evening at Atlanta's Philips Arena watching The Story Tour - A Christmas Spectacular.  I was invited by Philips Arena to come and see the show as media, and at the time, I really didn't know much about this production. However, I did know most of the people involved or performing in the show and thus readily accepted the invitation.

Taking a friend along with me, we headed downtown to Philips Arena to see the show and find out what the "hype" was all about.  Now, let me say something here...if you have not heard of this show (like me), the first thing you should do is surf over to The Story's official website and read what the premise is behind this production.  It will give you a brief background of The Story and who all is involved in the tour.

To quickly summarize the show for you, it is a short and summarized walk through the Bible via musical numbers (plus a variety of Christmas classics thrown in at the beginning).  Popular contemporary Christian entertainers, such as Steven Curtis Chapman, Natalie Grant, and the Newsboys deliver such incredible performances, it is hard to hold back your emotions during the show.

Since I was there as media, I tried to tweet throughout the event, and at one point, one of my Natalie Grant tweets was RT'd by her own official account.  Pretty exciting to see that the entertainers were following tweets about The Story Tour too!

The program opens up with Max Lucado (famous Christian Pastor and author) introducing the event and briefly introducing us to a few of the Old Testament characters.  After Mr. Lucado finished, the musical acts came on stage (one-by-one) and told the story of these characters through song.

There are some very powerful songs in this production, so have your tissues ready...Each character (or characters) are given their own song, and a huge screen behind the musical acts shows videos of the stories along with words to the songs.

After we made our way through the Old Testament, there was a brief 20-minute intermission. Once that was over, Mr. Lucado once again came out to give us a brief overview of the New Testament.

As before, one-by-one the entertainers told the stories of the New Testament via song.  I was blown away by these performers and their performances.  It is amazing to me the corral of talent this production has managed to snag.  Michael from the Newsboys stands out in my mind as being one of the very best on this tour.  I love that type of music, so maybe I am just partial, but he was really spectacular in his performances tonight.  Other Christian artists, such as Natalie Grant, were equally impressive, especially with her rendition of, "O Holy Night," which she sang so effortlessly and beautifully.

By the time the show ended, these performers and Mr. Lucado had people standing to their feet and applauding.  It was a very emotional and moving night for sure. Mr. Lucado ended the night with a simple prayer and some words of wisdom to the crowd.

To wrap up my brief review of The Story Tour, I want to emphasize this....GO SEE THIS SHOW.  While it is a Christian event, it would be wonderful for anyone to see. The Christmas songs and the story of the Bible itself are something everyone can enjoy.

Here is a brief video from YouTube to get you motivated.  It's from The Story Tour's official account.


*Special thanks to Philips Arena for hosting media tonight.  It was a great event, and I was honored to be invited as their guest. Ticker

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