Thursday, May 3, 2012

Disney-fy Your Computer! Change Icons, Folders, Wallpapers, and More!

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The Disney Experience
Do you love Disney?  Do you love Disney like I do?  (Yes, yes...I know what you all are thinking...)


If you love Disney...from a casual curiosity to a slightly more obsessive compulsive disorder...I have the perfect website for you...

It's called The Disney Experience.  (You can visit this amazing Disney website [not affiliated by any means with the OFFICIAL Disney company] by clicking on the caption above.)

The thing that lead me to finding The Disney Experience and also what I love most about this website is that it gives me the opportunity to "customize" or as I like to say "Disney-fy" my computer.

I haven't used Microsoft's icons in years.  What I see now is a Sorcerer Mickey Fantasia water bucket as my recycling bin (up and full for a full recycling bin or lying on its side and empty with water spilled out when I empty it); Sorcerer Mickey's hat as my (pointing) cursor, Pooh's Honey Pots pouring honey from one to another as my egg timer, and when I hover my mouse over a link, it turns into Mickey's white-gloved hand!

I have these icons installed on both my desktop PC and my laptop.  (I almost can't use my computer unless I have the right icons because I've used them for so long...)  The Disney Experience website is excellent in providing instructions on how to install all of these items, so don't fear if you aren't very computer saavy like myself.  The Disney Experience will walk you through all the various steps.

Another thing I like about this website is the wide variety of wallpapers and avatars it gives you for your machines.  I chose, again for both of my computers, a vintage Walt Disney Donald Duck animated feature title frame.  I love it!

This site is beyond words.  I can't begin to tell you how amazing it is.  In fact, I just watched part of a video of a man in Europe that made one of the paper models on the site -- the Disneyland Paris Castle!  It was huge and amazing (yes, I keep using that word -- I know).  ...and it got my wheels to spinning -- I think a paper model might be a great summer project for me and the boys.  Maybe I will sit down with them and let them pick one out.  I'm sure it would take us all summer to complete it, but what a family bond-builder it would be.

Disney is all about creating memories.  This site, The Disney Experience, will certainly help you in creating Disney memories and saving them on your computer for years and years to come.

Remember, click on the caption above (below the Disney Experience icon) to visit the site...and prepare to be AMAZED!

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