Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Medieval Times Unveils New Show at Atlanta Location!

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Hear ye!  Hear ye!  Calling all Lords and Ladies...

Yes, that is how we were greeted last Wednesday when my children and I were invited to attend a very special preview of the all-new Medieval Times dinner show.  We were so excited to attend this preview at their Atlanta Castle (located in Lawrenceville at Discover Mills shopping mall), as it was their first all-new show since 2007!  My boys and I had been years earlier to a summer version of the show, but it was typical kids' fare food (pizza and a juice box) and a shortened one-hour show.  I was really excited to see the two-hour show in its entirety and to see what kind of food we would be served.  My boys, ages 12 and 15, were basically excited to witness fighting and to eat anything put in front of them.  Oh, the joys of teenagers...but I digress...

When we arrived at the Castle, we were handed "seating passes," (i.e., small laminated cards) and royal "crowns" (see above) with our Knight's color on them.  Our cards and crowns were Black and White -- yes, we had the Black and White Knight!  We were then ushered over to meet the Princess where we had our picture made with her.  (There are two entrances; one side has their picture made with the King, and the other side has their picture made with the Princess.  You may want to see if this is normal when you attend a show and pick the entrance you enter through if you want a particular Cast Member's picture.)

 After having our picture made, we were free to roam about the Castle until we were called for seating inside the arena.  It was fun seeing some of the Castle's winged creatures along with watching a few lucky little boys getting Knighted!  We were also treated to meeting a local artist, Matthew Miller, who free-handed a medieval painting!  This guy was seriously talented.  I had a brief moment to chat with him and learn about his background.

As I walked around the Castle (the largest of all nine North American castles at 87,000 square feet), I was amazed at the attention to details - signs for Lords and Ladies; full Suits of Armor (available for purchase); tapestries; and a giant fireplace, with a roaring fire.  Of course, there were also plenty of souvenirs for families to purchase and take home to remember their time inside the Castle.

I barely had enough time to finish exploring before a royal announcement was made - time to head into the Arena.  Everyone was called according to their color and the Knight they were cheering for.  As my boys and I headed inside and found our seats, we were greeted with our tableware and Bill of Fare for the evening.  Remember...all food at Medieval Times is served utensil-free, meaning it's food you can eat with your hands!

Soon after being seated, we were introduced to our server who took our drink orders.  I like that you are served as the show begins and progresses.  Dinner is timed out precisely...from the Tomato Bisque soup and garlic bread being brought out during the opening performance of The Liberty Horse to coffee and apple turnovers being brought out at the end of the show.

You are never idle for long; you are always eating and/or cheering on your Knight throughout the two-hour performance, making the time fly by quickly.  (This is always a great advantage with children in tow.)  One side note here:  Be careful of your neighbors.  I was seated next to a younger child, who was so into the show and cheering for his Knight that he kept hitting me in the head with his flag and light stick all night!

To keep this review from running on forever and to leave you with a bit of mystery, I won't go into details about the show.  I'd much rather you experience and discover it on your own!  This show has been two years in the making, and it won't disappoint.  There are plenty of friendly competition events between the Knights, as well as what we all came for -- the jousting. ...and don't turn your back because there is a twist in this show at the very end!

To sum up our family's experience at Medieval Times' Atlanta Castle, I'd say this was a perfect family outing for both dinner and entertainment.  If you'd like to visit Medieval Times but feel as if cost might be a hindrance to you and your family, make sure you contact Medieval Times about specials, coupons, or offers.

I believe that when you factor in length of this show, along with your dinner and personal talent interaction, it actually turns out to be a pretty good deal and well worth the cost of admission.  To find out more, you can visit the Medieval Times website.

If you want to keep up, specifically, with the Atlanta Castle, you can visit their facebook page.  But, don't be sad if you aren't in the metro Atlanta area; Medieval Times has plenty of locations around North America.  You can find out more about their locations, their show, and their Bill of Fare (special dietary needs can be addressed) on the website linked above.

*Thank you again to the wonderful folks at Medieval Times' Atlanta Castle, who so graciously gave my family and myself the opportunity to visit their castle on premiere night. Ticker

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  1. I wish they would change the show in Orlando..... This looks like so much fun!!!