Thursday, May 23, 2013

Keep Your Daily Budget on a Leash with Piglet App

We just got this Press Release from Nova-Box about a new app they have out called, "piglet."  Looks like a pretty neat budget app to help you keep track of your budgets.  Take a peek at the release below and let me know what you think!

You can visit iTunes to preview and/or purchase the app.


Piglet is a simple app for iOS that allows you to keep track of your daily and monthly budget. You can setup a monthly allowance, set your budget and Piglet will calculate the rest for you.

Piglet does one thing and it does it well: tell you how much you can spend in a 100% hassle-free way.

How does it work?

Input your expenses and your income and Piglet takes care of all the heavy-lifting. Piglet calculates your daily, weekly and monthly budget, so that you instantly know how much you can spend without going over the top. If you overspend, Piglet helps you get back into your monthly budget by re-calculating your debt once a day so that you can keep your personal finances in check.

What Piglet doesn’t do

Piglet doesn't do elaborate pie-charts, mortgage calculation or tax optimization arcana, nor it is a facsimile replication of your bank account balance (chances are, your banking establishment already provide you with this information).

Features Included

Daily & weekly budget - Piglet automatically calculates how much you can spend each day and each week so that you won't have to ask yourself "how much can I spend today?" ever again.

No Setup - Launch it, add your income and you're good to go. Just add your expenses as you go and everything else is calculated automatically.

Universal - Buy it once and you can run it on any of your iOS devices at the same.

iCloud Sync - If you have an iPhone in your pocket and an iPad on your coffee table Piglet syncs itself to all of your devices over iCloud so all of your gadgets stay up-to-date. Even if you don't have multiple iOS devices, iCloud sync allows you to have everything safely backed up in real time.

Clean User Interface - Rows and rows of numbers are somewhat overwhelming. Piglet was designed with extra care to provide a clean and comprehensive user interface. Each time you add an operation, progress bars and calendars animate themselves so that you understand instantly how it impacts your budget.

About Nova-Box

Nova-box is French company founded in 2007, established in Bordeaux. The founding partners are experts in Computer Sciences and postgraduates in Cognitive Sciences research. The company is recognized by the French government as a research lab, with the label Jeune Entreprise Innovante (young innovating company) and an accreditation from the Ministère de la Recherche et des Sciences (Ministry of Research and Sciences). These fields of expertise, and a permanent technological watch, makes Nova-box a cutting-edge company for projects concerning user experience design and artificial intelligence.

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