Thursday, August 15, 2013

THE FOX THEATRE - See a Movie & Take a Tour!

There are two films left in this year's Summer Movie Festival at Atlanta's fabulous Fox Theatre...

...But, did you know you can tour the Fox Theatre AND see a movie on the biggest screen in Atlanta?  Yes!  You can!

Tour Takers will visit the projection booth, the screening room, and two star dressing rooms, along with the Fox's stage!  Plus, as an added bonus, you will be able to pick your seat before the doors open to the general public.

My teenager and I had the privilege of seeing the first movie of this year's season (Indiana Jones) at The Fox (our first time to do this), and it was MARVELOUS.  To my amazement, the Fox Theatre was packed, and it was so much fun!  People were talking to the screen, was just a great family and movie atmosphere.  I would highly encourage you to go and try this one time.

If one of the last two movies isn't your thing, please make a mental note to try this event next summer.

For ticket information for the last two films of the 2013 year, you can visit

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