Saturday, October 11, 2014

Disney on Ice's Frozen Lights Up Atlanta!

Welcome to Arendelle!

Yes, Frozen's fictional Norwegian town came to Atlanta this week, and you still have time to visit it this weekend.

Before I give this brief review, let me state up front - we were 30 min. late to the production due to the horrendous traffic in Downtown Atlanta.  When we arrived, we found we were not the only ones late; this show is PACKING in the crowds - our show looked to be almost completely sold out.  So, all that said - please make sure you leave in plenty of time for travel, traffic, and parking.

As with all Disney on Ice shows, as you enter the arenas you are bombarded with Disney music and souvenirs.  Included are all types of assorted Frozen paraphernalia, so come with deep pockets or an iron will power - items included the obligatory snow cone cups and cotton candy items along with Frozen dolls and t-shirts.

This Disney on Ice show follows the movie pretty much to a "T."  You will know definitely know all the words and music.  Each time a new character from the film arrived onto the ice, cheers ERUPTED from the crowd.  One of my favorites was Svan.  Who doesn't love this reindeer?

As with all Disney productions, quality is top of the line -- fantastic ice skaters, costumes, lighting, and special effects.  (If you are lucky enough to sit on the lower level, snow falls from the ceiling for most of the show.)

As I stated above, the ice show primarily follows the movie script, so children will know when each song is coming.  One of the highlights of the show is, of course, Elsa singing, "Let it Go."  As the scene started coming together, you could feel the rumbling in the air and hear all the children starting to murmur with excitement.  Before you knew it, the first few notes of, "Let it Go," played, and the whole arena erupted in cheers and screams.  I was sandwiched in between three little girls who sang from beginning to end at the top of their lungs (mostly off-key, but grinning profusely the entire time).  It is definitely hard to hold back tears when you are faced with magical Disney moments like this!

I was sitting on the second level, so my video was not the best.  Here is a clip from YouTube to give you a sneak peek of this magical moment:

Another favorite part of Disney on Ice for me is the bookending they do with core Disney characters.  Since I missed the front end of the show, I was ecstatic to see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and a host of other Disney characters close out Frozen.

One other character note:  While Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff have been in the Disney Parks for a while now, this is the first time we are treated to Svan, Olaf, Hans, the trolls, and even the Duke of Weselton.  Nice to see all them in person!

Other fun effects include pyrotechnics during some scenes along with those scary wolves chasing Anna and Kristoff through the woods (yes, the wolves are on ice too)!

Overall, this Disney on Ice show is fabulous.  It doesn't travel far from the movie script, and that is good since all of America has seen this movie way too many times to count anymore.  It is a fun day or evening out for the whole family.

I mean, who doesn't enjoy a good sing-a-long combined with a Disney on Ice spectacular?

Disney On Ice's Frozen plays Atlanta's Philips Arena through TOMORROW.  You can still get tickets through Ticketmaster or the Philips Arena box office.

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