Sunday, March 18, 2018

Paul, Apostle of Christ - New Movie on the Life of Paul Comes to the Nation's Theaters This Week!

Let me introduce you to two men - Paul and Luke.  You probably already know them.

Paul was an Apostle of Christ.  His letters were vital to the spreading of Christianity in the years following Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection.  His writings now compose a majority of the New Testament.

Luke was a physician and disciple of Paul.  It is said he probably came to the saving knowledge of Christ through the teaching and friendship of Paul.

The new Andrew Hyatt movie, "Paul, Apostle of Christ," documents the close relationship between these two men.  The Director has based his film on Biblical accounts and Scripture.  Here is the official trailer:

Films like these are often hard watch because of the extreme suffering and abuse early Christians went through when the Church was born.  But, we must them watch in order to remember, learn, and love the world around us.

The Holy Spirit breathed great promise, wisdom, and knowledge through these two men.  Paul, Apostle of Christ focuses on Paul and Luke's sharing of Jesus' message of love, redemption, and forgiveness.  They shared it with a new church who, in turn, shared and spread it throughout the world.  We can thank these two men for the Church we so love and adore today.

Please watch the video below to see how Paul and Luke's story is still relevant to today's Church:

Paul, Apostle of Christ will open Nationwide the week before Easter on Friday, March 23.  It is rated PG-13 for violent content and disturbing images.  To purchase tickets, please visit the movie's website.

I hope you will join me this weekend to watch this very important film.  Christians are showing America that we can hold an important key to Hollywood box office sales.  No longer do we have to be recipients of violent films, horror films, or other dark, anti-Biblical material.

This past weekend's surprise box office draw of, "I Can Only Imagine" shows Hollywood that if they will produce Christian-based and family-friendly films, audiences will show up in droves.

Please help support more family-friendly and Bible-based films.  Come see a film about a man that went from becoming the most notorious persecutor of the church to its most powerful proponent!  Two men, bound together in their love for Christ.  Leaving their final message for the world - "Love is the only answer."

See you this weekend at the movies!

*Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC, Collide Media Group, and Columbia TriStar Marketing Group, Inc. for providing tickets to see the movie on its release in exchange for this promotional post.  Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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