Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Royal Caribbean's New Sale - 60% Off & Kids Sail FREE!

Royal Caribbean Kids Sail Free Sale 60% Off second guest Cruise Travel

I don't always post the travel deals that come across my desk (there are MANY), but this is such a popular offer, I wanted to share.

It is truly one of Royal Caribbean's best sales of the year. (In fact, I used this sale to book my own personal vacation later this year...I'm no dummy!)

In case you're wondering -- Here's how the sale works -- The first Guest booked (maybe yourself or your significant other) will be charged full fare; the second Guest booked will be charged a cruise fare that is discounted SIXTY PERCENT! (Yes, wow!)

Royal Caribbean Kids Sail Free Sale 60% Off second guest Cruise Travel

...And to put the cherry on top, kids sail FREE! This is such a great deal for families or groups traveling with children.

Don't have kids? Don't worry - all 3rd and 4th passengers will sail for 30% off! I mean, really. You just can't beat this sale when Royal runs it.

If you're not familiar with Royal Caribbean International; they have some of the biggest and best ships on the ocean right now.

You can ice skate, rock climb, take surfing lessons, or even ride bumper cars on some of their ships! ...and of course, don't forget - you'll be visiting fabulous locations, docking in incredible ports, and eating delicious foods along the way.

This new sale will only be good until March 3 and only for sailings departing after March 1.

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What are you waiting for? Let's go!

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