Thursday, September 10, 2020

Simple Friendship Prayer


I love this short prayer from today's YouVersion devotional.

Friendships are hard and yet they are so delicate.  Being a healthy friend can mean being honest or it can mean just listening.  Setting boundaries means not getting taking advantage of or not letting a significant other or your family fall to the wayside because of friends (trust me, I've had to learn that one the hard way).

So, I love that this prayer asks God to show us how to be a good friend as well how to set those delicate boundaries.  And I love that it states the obvious, " matter what, you are with me and my friends."

That is so sweet.  What a wonderful piece of information to grasp onto!  

Today, pray this prayer at some point in your day.  Pray for your friends, for yourself and your relationship with them, and then thank God for being in the circle with you.  Amen.

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