Thursday, October 29, 2020

Levi Lusko - Two for One


I'm going through two Levi Lusko daily devotionals.  One on YouVersion called, "Swipe Right," and of course, the daily travel through his latest book release, "take back your life."

With so much unrest in today's society, and God rising up me in me knowledge and power, I really felt like there were deep thoughts in both today.

Allow me to open the door to my mind and give you a peek to what I really liked in today's readings.  I hope they touch someone out there and mean something to you, encourage you, or prompt you to be active in our society today.

Swipe Right is a study that deals with intimacy on different levels - what God's purpose was for intimacy; how He intended us to use it and enjoy it; and the pitfalls of it.  Having teenage boys, I am well acquainted with the pitfalls in this area.  Today, Levi said something - a little catch phrase - that I hope to commit to memory.  Something a little profound (inflections mine):

"Perhaps the problem isn’t what you aren’t doing, but what you are consuming. The problem we must face is that, what you allow in your soul could be what keeps you in a state of arrested development. Close the computer, cancel your cable, walk out of the movie, delete the contact from your phone, change schools, or quit your job if you have to. Do something drastic to your sin, or sin will do something drastic to you. What you feed on you’ll be full of.

Take some time to ask yourself - what are you consuming that you need to step away from?

Remember: Perhaps the problem isn’t what you aren’t doing, but what you are consuming."

I love that line!  "Perhaps the problem isn't what you aren't doing, but what you are consuming."

I mean, that could relate to anything, right?   Good advice to look at ourselves and our lives and see what we are consuming.  I know what my Achilles Heel is.  Do you?

So, fast forward to the next reading today titled, "The Best Defense is a Good Offense."

If you follow me on social media, you know I can (and do) post about anything.  Faith, family, pets, and the hot button topic this week - politics.  I've said for a while now that I believe America, our Country, is in a Spiritual battle.

Darkness has never welcomed the light.  And, I believe, the light came into Washington, D.C., four years ago.  Darkness got angry.  It continued to stay angry, and it grew in anger with each passing day and year.

Anger grew stronger and louder as strongholds were removed from our Country, and four years later, I see a revival rising up again to stand up and say, "We won't go back to the darkness."

That's why Levi's chapter on a good offense resonated so well to me, and I believe it can be applicable to our political climate in America right now.  Let me show you how darkness and evil work.  Here is an excerpt (inflections mine):

"When you begin to get your heart right, don't be surprised when [evil] doubles down.  Why?  [Evil] sees good things happen, and [it] gets nervous.  So [it] roars.

Thoughts can't be erased; they have to be replaced.  You have to create a new track to your life's soundtrack and let that be praise.  Let that be worship.  Let that be faith, not fear, because fear is faith in the Enemy.

When you face fear, remember this: when the [Enemy] messes with you, it's a mistake on [its] part. Because every time [it] fights against something, [it's] tipping [it's] hand so you can see what matters to [it].

The only reason the Enemy would come against you is because [it] sees value in you.  The only reason [it] would try to force you to think because it's not true...[it] wants to throw you off the trail of your God-given greatness.

Whatever [it] says, it's the opposite, because [it's] a liar.

[Evil] opposes what [it's] afraid of.  So let your fear help you sniff out what [it's] trying to snuff out.  Let it be a diagnostic tool to determine your calling.

Run toward the ROAR!  Rise up; do exactly what [evil] doesn't want you to do.  Refuse to go gently; don't be taken without a fight.

When you experience terror during the darkness, become a source of terror.

...learn from your mistakes and grow wise, strong, and brave.

When the enemy tries to come at you, rise up in faith and do whatever [it's] trying to get you not to do with twice as much resolve and ten times the determination.

Don't just discard the strongholds and idols..melt down what has been torn down and turn it into ammunition so you can fire it across enemy lines.

It won't be easy or fast or pain free, but you can do this!" 

I know those words will be applicable to each of us differently.  For me, it's the political arena we are in right now.  The enemy opposes what it is afraid of, and we must take its strongholds and idols, melt them down, and use them back against the enemy.

We must rise up in faith and do what the enemy doesn't want us to do - the opposite of what it desires.  This world will always be looking to devour you - in some shape or form, but when we join together and fall to our knees, putting all our fears and battles at the foot of the Throne, we gain great power and authority - Authority from Heaven.

Thank you, Lord, for these powerful words this morning.  We can't stay in a state of arrested development.  We must fight the enemy and the darkness.  Stand up for ourselves, our family, our beliefs, and our faith.

The Lord is on our side, and I am so grateful He still speaks to me through written words and through his instruments.

What are you battling today?  Please leave me a comment below, and I will be happy to walk with you, kneel with you, and pray for you!

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