Saturday, February 5, 2022

Deuteronomy 4


Deuteronomy 4

I never said I was an orator.  In fact, I can't publicly speak AT ALL.

I never took speech in college because I couldn't.  I fail miserably.  I don't (and won't) do the overhead speaker at the high school I work in.

I crumble with anxiety, stuttering, and other things.  It's just not my gift.

But someone needs to hear Deut. 4 today.  I felt God tell me so.

So - here's my rendition.  I hope it speaks to you.  Wise words from the original human who also stuttered, failed, and thought he couldn't speak before others.


Hear what Moses has to say.  It's important, and it's words we all need to remember.

Happy Saturday my friends.

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