Saturday, November 12, 2022

Singleness & Purpose


When I realized I was not the person my Partner wanted to me, I had to come to some serious soul-searching.

I need to understand that I was not meeting his needs, that his needs and outlook of me were not 100% accurate, and he did not possess the strength or leadership or LOVE me enough to make changes.  He needed me to meet him where he was, and I needed him to lead us, put me first, and love me more than his current comfort zone.

I ran across this from Revelation Wellness, and I needed to remember it, so I am blogging it as a note to my future self.  God is here for me.  God sees me, understands the weaknesses I have and need to improve and work on, and He catapults me to every next baby step and breath I need to make.

Thankful for a God that surrounds me with wisdom and leadership to help make changes in me and continue forward in whatever path He has set before me.

"This is your purpose also. 

With our bodies, we have the privilege of caring for ourselves to maintain a clean and healthy temple. 

With our minds, we have the freedom to express our feelings to the One that hears our cry, as well as our laughter. 

With our hearts, we are teachable to be shaped and molded into the holy creation God intended for us. 

...It’s about loving God so much that sacrificing yourself in order for Him to step in and launch us into purpose will be worth all the cost. 

Living as a healthy and whole single woman, I choose to “Love God. Get healthy. Be Whole. Love Others.”

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