Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Getting Untangled


"Lord God, be the Lord of my entire life. Wherever I need to simplify--show me. Remove my stony, stubborn heart and replace it with a tender, responsive heart so I can heal, grow, and learn all you have for me. Show me how to untangle anything that has gotten twisted and keeps me from hearing you or seeing clearly the way I should go. Take me back to basics. I love you, and I offer you my everything! In Jesus' name, amen."

That's my prayer this morning.

I wanted to get untangled.  I want to get back to basics.

My focus is not where it should be this morning.

Yesterday, I went through a situation at work where I was (summarized) told, "Your opinion doesn't matter. Stay in your lane.  Sit at your desk and do your job.  Stop engaging."  Of course, I put that in quotes, but I am paraphrasing in a very general sense.

It's a hard pill to swallow.  Of course there is more to my situation, and my situation pales certainly in light of everything else going on in the world that envelopes real pain and real suffering.  Confronting and battling true evil.

Still, when you are faced with a situation in which someone tells you you don't matter, it stings and sticks with you for a few seconds.  Right?

So I sat down with a heavy sigh this morning.  What could I possibly read in a devotion about organization this morning that would speak to me?  Well, as usual, I was wrong.

I didn't give God the room or credit He demands.  DEMANDS.

So, I sit humbly before the Cross this morning laying my SELF down before it asking God to help me learn instead of being mad or indignant - because I am.  As we often do, I feel I am right but being the bottom rung of a ladder, I know my opinion doesn't matter.  I know that.  I am aware of it.  But being told that stings.  And makes me want to do less at my job - to care less, to perform less, to just be a robot, and to find my own wings and fly.

But Jesus.

"Remove my stony, stubborn heart and replace it with a tender, responsive heart so I can heal, grow, and learn all you have for me."

So today, I realize God is near.  He is always near.  When we are in a valley, we recognize it's "only" a valley, and with each baby step, we grow closer to coming up and out of that valley.  God always extends His hand down to us.  He is always listening.

If you are broken today or frustrated or even just mad, read these Scriptures and let them come into your heart and your mind.  I know I will be doing the same thing - until the sting of yesterday dissipates.  

Write your feelings out - start a blog - start journaling.  When others tell you you aren't important and don't matter, God isn't.  When you are told your opinion can't be spoken, God won't.  Read, study, write.  Others are listening.  God is listening.

You.are.worthy.  You do matter.  Remember that today.  Love is alive, and it's waiting for you at the foot of the Cross.

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