Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Review: The Action Bible: Faith in Action Edition


Do you have young kids, tweens, or even teenagers at home who love comic books, adventure, or action stories?  If so, the new Action Bible: Faith in Action Edition is going to be the perfect addition to your home and family.

Presented in a colorful, comic-book format, this new Bible for young people is filled with all the familiar stories you love; all the adventure you remember; and most importantly, all the courageous men and women of faith God gives us as examples of how to live our lives!  It brings to life, perfectly, the stories of Scripture in an easy-to-read and understandable format.

Sometimes young people struggle with our adult Bibles.  Endless words, stories, and small print can make it hard to follow along.  This new colorful, picture Bible will allow them to learn Bible stories and characters in a new and fun way.

In a format similar to today's comics, the Publisher knows that presenting Bible stories in this format can draw readers into exciting, historic stories while helping them learn more about faith and ultimately Christ and their walk alongside Him.

The stories are presented on thick, glossy paper making the book more durable than a traditional Bible's thin paper pages and enabling it to withstand many hours of reading or sharing.  The stores are presented in chronological order to help young people better understand the story of God's love and redemption.

The Faith in Action Edition of the Bible is here to help kids engage, grow, and live in God's Word.  It is an amazing tool.

It includes over 200 devotionals, prayers, character stories, teaching videos, timelines, maps, and Bible facts.  All these bonus materials help young people continue to learn in different formats and in ways which speak to where they are currently walking. 

On top of these bonus materials, there is also an included QR code for digital resources!  I love that we now have a truly interactive Bible with respective study materials all in one place.

This is truly a product intended to draw your tweens and teens into God's Word.

I have loved sharing this Bible with my family and taking it to church for others to see.  It is amazing how many people don't realize these resources are available for our children.

I feel like the Faith in Action Edition of The Action Bible is going to be a wonderful bridge between preschool- and elementary-level picture Bibles and the adult Bibles most churches give away to members today.

It really helps them to see and visualize the stories God has passed down to us and to understand them in a way that maybe they can't quite grasp yet.

Visit the links below to find out more about this amazing resource:

You can also visit the sites above to purchase your own copy today.

It is my prayer that, if you have kids at home who love comic books, adventure lore, or fantasy reading, you might consider this Bible as a great tool into helping them dig down deeper in their faith, in their knowledge of God's Word, and in their walk with Christ!

Disclaimer:  Many thanks to David C. Cook for providing a sample of the product for my review.  Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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