Sunday, September 19, 2010

Today's Living Social Deal - Diesel Pizza & Pub!

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Today's Living Social deal is $150 for $30 worth of food from Diesel Pizza & Pub.  Diesel Pizza is located on Alpharetta Street in Roswell.

Here are the details:
You don't have to TiVo The Fast and the Furious for your Diesel fix. Today's deal -- $15 for $30 worth of food and drink at Diesel Pizza and Pub -- will satisfy your cravings. While they may not share the star power of our favorite car movie celeb, this Roswell eatery deserves an Oscar for taste. With a variety of veggie and meat appetizers, a pizza menu with adventurous (Sloppy Joe, anyone?) pies alongside traditional ones, and a dessert menu that'll leave you calling for an encore, Diesel Pizza and Pub will muscle its way onto your list of favorite dinner joints. Five-dollar martinis and beers starting at $3.75 will make your deal go far. Rev your engines!

Drive the price down even more: Get an additional $1 off this deal when you "like" Diesel on Facebook.
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