Sunday, December 12, 2010

kajeet - The Safest Cell Phone Service for Kids!

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Well, here's a new one I've never heard about...kajeet....a cell phone service company for kids.  Here's their information from the plum district website:
Parenting in our modern, technology-filled world isn't always easy. (If you find it is, send us your contact info...we'd like to talk to you.) And one of the biggest challenges comes around your kids and cell phones. Specifically: to have or not to have?
Thankfully kajeet is here to provide you plenty of choices on the spectrum between "absolutely not" and "my 8-year-old CEO needs a BlackBerry." Kajeet bases everything they do on the belief that kids should learn to be familiar with the technology they'll need to use as the grow up, while respecting the responsibility that comes with using it. With kajeet you can choose the phone and plan that's best for you and your child (extensive coverage nationwide—use your zip code to confirm on You can decide together what the rules will be for when, where, and how much they can call and text, as well as deciding from whom they can accept incoming calls and texts. You can locate the phone at any time using GPS, and even set up automatic check-ins. And you can create separate allowances to determine who gets to pay for what.
We can't guarantee that this will eliminate all your parenting challenges. But it will help you find the right balance between being able to keep in touch with your child, allowing him/her some freedom, and helping them learn to manage the responsibility of having a phone. Get started down the road with $50 towards a phone with today's Plum Deal.

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