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Good Sunday morning,

I know I am posting a lot lately on social media, and I know you hide, unfriend, or scroll by me...

...but one thing I have learned over the past few years is that if something is laid in my path, I feel like the Lord has laid it there.

And this morning, that happened again - as it always does.

So, with what I truly believe the Holy Spirit sitting upon my shoulders and resounding in my chest, I am writing here on my personal blog - it gives me more space and freedom, it's free of controversy and suppression, and you can scroll past a link instead of paragraphs if you so choose.

Below is a link to the latest Unashamed Nation podcast from Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander", Al Robertson, and Jase Robertson (this time, however, it is w/o Jase and with some special guests).

The show is about 50 min. long, and if you have time to listen to it while getting ready in the morning, driving to work, or doing whatever - I am going to suggest you listen to it.

Their podcasts are always good, but today, I feel there is a little bit more imperativeness to it.

It will shine a little more insight into how things work in our Country, behind the scenes, and out of sight.

Their guests today are Ann McElhinney & Phelim McAleer, journalists and also (BTW) writers and creators of the play, "Obamagate."

Their interview reminded me of a few things - (1) God is always in control; He knew today was going to happen; and He knows how January 20, 2021 will turn out; (2) never underestimate the Washington, DC machine - Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were Masters at what they did - you can rarely, if ever, win against the DC machines.

However, Donald J. Trump - along with help from a great set of reporters, Fox News (who at the time was our only beacon of light and has now, sadly, joined forces with CNN and MSDNC), legal analysts, and lawyers - beat that machine and won the 2016 election.

Fast forward to 2020 - and we again have the machine in full force and Trump outfitted in his worn and weary but still strong battle gear.

Lesser Republicans have laid down and let the machine win. Romney let the machine devour him during his Presidential run, and recently, on his latest podcast, Dan Bongino talked about the biggest regret of his life - letting the machine devour him during his Congressional run.

But Romney and Bongino (as tough as Bongino is) do not wear the same armor President Trump owns. Patriots, we have a fighter on our hands.

If we do not stand up and fight the machine NOW, we are at the risk of losing the America we love. Socialism, Communism, and Fascism are already rearing their ugly heads in Congress and on social media.

Congresswoman AOC has publicly sent out her henchmen to start a Trump Accountability Project list. Government officials, Judges, and others will be added to the list and held accountable for their support of our President. (Ring a bell my Cuban and Venezuelan friends?)

This time and however, George Soros, the leftist media, antifa groups, and Big Tech (i.e., FB, Twitter, and Google) joined forces to create another MONSTER of a machine. One that grew so big and so sloppy, they left a strong wake of cheating evidence in their path.

As of this writing, a few things from that wake have happened:
  • The fraud reporting line has been overwhelmed and they cannot keep up with the amount of cases being reported.
  • There are numerous lawsuits filed in cities and states and before the Supreme Court.
  • There are numerous videos of USPS employees and others physically bringing in, taking out, and destroying ballots in the wee hours of the morning (November 4, 2020). A quick twitter or Google search and you can see them for yourself.
  • There are numerous still pictures of the above-mentioned items.
  • There are numerous eyewitness accounts, testimonies, and whistleblowers on file now with legal teams across the United States.
So while the DC monster is hard to fight, there is EVIDENCE out there of fraud. Remember this: Networks do not call elections. People do.

A few other tidbits of fraud we know from this election:
  • Joe Biden pulled in 74 MILLION (illegal) votes; if that were a LEGAL number, it would be more than any other Presidential candidate in the history of America. Are you going to tell us that a man that did not campaign and that we only saw from his basement (the majority of the time), pulled in MORE votes that Obama did in his record-breaking, landslide election of 2008? We hardly think so! (Don't forget - both Joe's and Kamala's public appearances pulled in 25 or less in attendees as compared to Donald J. Trump's record-breaking crowd attendances of 50,000 or more.)
  • Multiple ballot dumps of 100,000 or more were brought into ballot-counting facilities in the wee hours of the morning (between 3:30 a.m. and 6 a.m.); the ballots when counted went to Joe Biden 100%; that is statistically impossible.
  • Donald J. Trump pulled in 71 MILLION in LEGAL votes; more than any other Presidential candidate in American history (yes, a RED WAVE DID OCCUR).
  • Donald J. Trump doubled the amount of LGBTQ (not sure if I have those letters in the right order anymore - it's been a long week!) votes any Republican has received this election.
  • Donald J. Trump was the first Republican since 1960 to get the highest number of votes from blacks, Hispanics, and Latinos.
And to run this blog post full-circle back to how I started it above, I saw a video this morning on twitter. And it really confirmed what we, as Believers, already know.

A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND: Make sure you actually click on that link to see (and hear) the hatred...

The Bible tells us in Matthew 12:25, "Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, 'Every Kingdom DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF will be RUINED, and every City or household divided against itself will not stand.'"

Y'all. We are watching the Left, the Liberals, and the Democrats self-implode. It's Biblical and as I watched the video on twitter this morning, I thought, "We are watching a house divided fall."

Don't let the plethora of dancing in the street videos fool you. Don't let the MINORITY (and yes, it is the minority), who have control of the main stream media, suck you in.

This isn't the only video out there like this. There are plenty. (As just two other examples, I saw a video this morning of Biden supporters at one of their "celebrations" physically YELLING at the police officers there to protect them and allow them to celebrate safely. It's disheartening. The second video was of NYC police officers standing in a park protecting a celebration with tears rolling down their cheeks from the sadness of the occasion, not the joy of it.)

So, keep all these things in mind.

These celebrations in the streets of America are reminiscent of Old Testament Biblical stories. Stories of Sodom and Gomorrah; stories of Moses coming down from the mountain top. Stories of whole communities celebrating ungodly situations, people, or things. We are watching Biblical times unfold in front of us.

Stand strong Patriots.

Even if God allows the US Courts and legal systems to fail us. We have known the TRUTH, and we will always know that God has an ulterior plan. One we may not be able to grasp or understand now - but one that we will always abide and bow down to.

And sometimes...yes, evil will prevail.

We are walking on FAITH right now; we don't know the outcome of this spiritual battle; stay on your knees. Keep claiming Scripture. Our President is surrounded by Godly men and women, faith leaders, and a Nation of Godly believers.

Do not buy into the lie of Hollywood and the national media. We have NOT just watched a Dictator fall. We have watched a Godly man fall. We have watched our entire media system, Big Tech, and liberal Americans buy into the lies of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We have just witnessed them reject Jesus Christ, who was FINALLY being brought back to the center of American life.

Patriots, the truth is out there. Do the background research yourself on Joe, on Kamala, and on this election. Truth and righteousness are on OUR side.

Keep the faith. Stay on your knees. Gather together. James 4:7-8:

"Submit yourselves to God; resist the devil and he shall flee. Draw near unto God, and He will draw near unto you."

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