Saturday, August 27, 2022

Speaking Over Life


"Lord, You are always at work to redeem, and I want to be used by You. I give my words to You. Teach me to be a godly woman who speaks up in godly ways. In Jesus’ Name, Amen."

Wow.  What a prayer today from yesterday's Proverbs 31 ministries morning devotion!

"I give my words to You.  TEACH ME to be a godly woman who speaks up in godly ways."

That'll preach and hit you right in the heart.

We all want to be used by God.  But somehow, we keep getting in our own way don't we?

I have been dealing with (as you have read) what I feel is an addiction within my own family walls.  I feel, if it's not an addiction, it is something that is blinding.

I feel I have authority over this coupled with knowledge because I have walked where this family member is walking, and I hear their words - I see their actions - and I RECOGNIZE them.  I am scared for them ... and for MYSELF.

I want to compromise and meet them half way, but now, after vocalizing that compromise, I feel sick to my stomach when I see them engaging in this circle of activity and I am just not at peace with it.

Will I have to go back on my word and my compromise?  I need some godly wisdom, and I need to be taught how to speak with wisdom from Heaven.

Sometimes being silent with our words is good.  Maybe we should hold our tongue and listen more.  Maybe we should be silent to learn more.  But then ... there are times when being silent isn't good.

Are we being silent because we feel inferior in knowledge?  Are we being silent because we feel our opinion is outnumbered or will be mocked in the conversation circle we are sitting in?

Being silent is a double-edged sword.  We must pray, pray, and pray some more!  Let our silence be laced with wisdom - not fear of losing in some manner.

Today, as you read the Proverbs 31 morning devotion with your cup of coffee in hand, think about your silence and how you wield it.

"God has a purpose for our voices! He’s calling us to use words of wisdom and faithful instruction. Let’s follow the examples of godly women in Scripture and choose to be women who speak up in godly ways. We can all learn to use our words as conduits of His redemption."

Proverbs 31 (in Scripture, not the ministry) calls us to speak with wisdom and faithful instruction. Let's enter into our Saturday meditating on this chapter and ask God how he would have us to speak today.

God has already laid out your Saturday.  How we handle that path is a matter of prayer and wisdom.

My friends, may your Saturday be peaceful and blessed.  Until next time, 

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