Sunday, May 2, 2021

Rejoice in What Is Rather than Wallow What Isn't


This morning, I was reading my Lysa Terkeurst devotional as I always do, and as is sometimes the case, what she wrote struck my heart.

I love this:

"In the midst of all that's disappointing or heartbreaking in our lives, we can fix our eyes on all that seems to be going wrong or we can choose to purposefully praise God with a heart of trust.  A heart that remembers He is loving, He is good, and He sees much more purpose in our situation than we do."

As I've had a few sleepless night lately, mostly from worrying about the Visa bill coming due, the house payment also due, and the one single paycheck I have coming in, this spoke volumes to me.

"I'd rather rejoice in what IS and what WILL BE than wallow in what ISN'T.  After all, disappointment only stings as long as I let it."

In times like these, I remember why it is so important to keep in God's word.  Bills are high - it's the result of having a life and living (no, I don't mean fruitless and meaningless spending, just LIFE), house payments are high, and for me - paychecks are low.  

I can focus on those three "negatives," or I can rejoice in what IS - a steady job that provides insurance, faith-filled coworkers, plenty of time off, and that paycheck; a burgeoning Amazon business with a product in production as we speak; and one of my greatest joys - being a travel agent and helping people plan bucket list vacations, annual trips, or finding new places to explore.

So for today, even with a bank account that always seems to be less rather than more, I'm going to chime in with Lysa and say, "I'd rather rejoice in what IS...rather than wallow in what ISN'T."

Can I get an Amen?

Ladies, have a great Sunday!  I hope the Lord blesses and keeps you!



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