Friday, March 24, 2023

What Have You Been Fixing Your Eyes on Lately?


"What have you been fixing your eyes on more recently - the enormity and difficulty of your circumstances or the character of our good and faithful God?"

Let's read through Psalms 57 and 36.  Come with me as I take my eyes off the enormity of my situation and shift it to gaze at our Heavenly Father.

I have always been faithful with tithing, and just this last year, I sacrificed monthly nail salon visits so that I could shift my earnings to offerings for our new Church building.

But as car repairs hover above my head in amounts much greater than I can comfortably afford, I have been consumed with finding a new job, a new car, and how I am going to ever even begin to think about retiring.

Malachi 3:10 teaches us that God is faithful.  I'm not sure if the "floodgates of Heaven" have been "thrown open" to me and my household.  I certainly do not see it in a financial sense.  But maybe God has been throwing them open through a roof over my head, a car that works, children that are healthy, and a job I love.

I wish God would bless me with so much "blessing" there wouldn't be enough room to hold it all.  

I am the type of person that likes all their ducks in a row, and I would love to have too much in the storehouses.  Money to bless others, help others, and to know my future is secure.

I'll never know or understand why God gives more to others over others, but I guess it's not my job to question God's ways.  So this morning, I'm going to focus on God's attributes given to us through His Word.  Read along with me because I know you are struggling this morning too.

This will bless us I know.

Psalm 57:

  • He vindicates me.
  • He sends from Heaven.
  • He saves me.
  • He rebukes those who pursue me.
  • He sends forth His love and faithfulness.
  • His love is great.
  • His loves reaches to the Heavens.
  • His faithfulness reaches to the skies.

Psalm 36:

  • His righteousness is like the highest mountains.
  • His justice is like the great deep.
  • He preserves both people and animals.
  • His unfailing love is priceless.
  • His wings give refuge.
  • His house provides an abundant feast.
  • His river provides drink.
  • He is the fountain of life.
  • He is light.
  • He is righteous.

Lord Jesus, we come before You this morning asking for your blessings, your wisdom to infuse upon and within us, and for your protection to shelter us.

We try to remember to keep your Word within our hearts, but we fail so many times.  We struggle to be good stewards, but we do not always succeed.  

May You shelter us today.  May You hold us close and comfort us today.  May You open doors for us today.  May You close other doors today where we should not walk.  May we remember WHO You are - all the attributes posted above Lord.

May we remember that no matter what valleys come our way, YOU are our shelter.  You WILL provide.  And while You are taking care of us, let us always remember to not remain satisfied and comfortable, but to take the gifts and protection You give us and use them to benefit others.

May my widow's mite help build a church.  May the car(s) You provide allow me to transport things and people that need transporting.  May the roof over my head continue to provide shelter to those who need it most.

Even in this time of unanswered questions and struggles, I will praise Your name.  I will keep walking in the way You show me - the paths You lie out before me.  I will take what You put before me and continue to praise Your name because I know the paths before me are paths You ALLOW before me - good or bad - hills or valleys - blessings or evil's desires to trip me up and knock me down - were all ALLOWED by Your hand.  Therefore, I will continue to stand for You and beside You, resting under Your wings.

Thank You Jesus for dying for my sins on a cross You should never have been on over 2,000 years ago.  You came to save ME.  You came to save the Jews.  You came to save the Gentiles.  Thank You for your sacrifice.  We praise God for allowing You to come and for RESURRECTING You three days later.  We serve a God that is alive, not stuck in a tomb.

Help me to remember this daily and respect the guidelines and wisdom You left behind for me and the rest of the world.

Help me to be better today.  I love you Lord.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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